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5 Client Servicing Essentials You Must Know!

    In your career as a client servicing executive, you might come across not-so-easy clients. Their reasons for venting may or may not be justified. But you have to give them your best ear and take everything they say with a pinch of salt. Because in advertising parlance, the...
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It’s not about the cost, it’s about the mix.

Advertising as well as non-advertising professionals are aware of the fact that “Right Advertising increases the brand strength”. Still, many consider ‘advertising’ as an expenditure instead of investment. It’s a simple logic: advertising can never be called an expense. Effective advertising strengthens the brand value. Many companies think that a sizeable amount...
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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with #FlipkartGIFdelivery

Valentine’s Day is one occasion brands cannot miss to advertise themselves. It’s the time when huge numbers of brands release unique love campaigns. This year was no different with our social media timelines, TV spaces, newspapers, all filled with love messages from brands. Amongst the crowd, e-commerce giant Flipkart’s #FlipkartGIFdelivery...
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Cadbury Bournvita – A Paradigm Shift

Cadbury India Limited had unveiled an innovative campaign in February 2011 for its malt based food brand – Bournvita. “Tayyari Jeet ki” (Being prepared for every challenge) was the core theme for this campaign. The company has been positioning Bournvita as a drink which gives physical energy and endurance. With this...
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