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Death of Creativity & Originality

In the business of advertising a creative showcase is as important as delivering a communication. Well that’s why a client approaches an ad agency. An ad agency is responsible to churn out a creative campaign for a given client brief. But is there al scenario? Being a part of this business...
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Design v/s Identity

Often you must have come across visiting cards that look fancy and attractive. But do they really replicate identity of the brand they represent? Well, not always. Not all fancy looking designs represent the brand the way it needs to be. Using bright gaudy colors may just seek attention but not serve the...
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Creative Curry

At a design agency Creative exercises revolve around innovation and idea generation which are creative activities. These could lead to poor concepts. Certain activities of a creative advertising agency are designed to generate as many ideas as possible but people get exhausted thinking about ideas, and start developing the 1st idea...
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