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Time to Revamp the Indian Marketing Scenario with AR

As consumers, we have been using a blend of online, and brick & mortar shopping for a while now. But we always look forward to more options, more convenience, easy return and what not.  We are sure a lot of females want to try lip colors while shopping online, to...
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Keep Calm & Go Digital

ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE??…… Who has just had enough from agencies firing confusingly scary digital marketing trends at you, which sound something like these ?? It’s not just about exploring or testing technologies anymore….it’s about EMPLOYING THEM AT SCALE It’s not just about understanding the different levers in your...
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Are You Thinking Like Google?

Google certainly is the most popular search engine enjoying an overwhelming market share; hence for the sake of this article we’ll work to the premise that what’s good for Google is good for us. Every marketer’s motto – Customer is the King.  A little clichéd but still holds true. Hence,...
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Evolving with Internet Advertising

In this internet age online advertising has shown tremendous growth, especially with the increasing popularity of the social media advertising on internet has taken a leap. There are many advertising companies in Mumbai which clients approach, which only cater to online media. A few advertising companies in Mumbai provide services...
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Leveraging your brands on Facebook

Over 50 million ‘likes’ are recorded on Facebook every day. This gives us a fair idea how much a brand can be noticed, seen and liked. Facebook has become a very lucrative social media to boost one’s business forward and faster. Friend recommendations/sponsored stories have 2 to 7 times more...
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