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Time to Revamp the Indian Marketing Scenario with AR

As consumers, we have been using a blend of online, and brick & mortar shopping for a while now. But we always look forward to more options, more convenience, easy return and what not.  We are sure a lot of females want to try lip colors while shopping online, to...
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Advertising mistakes that companies need to avoid

#1: The ‘Hazy’ Picture It’s the simplest of mistakes, but it happens more often than you think. The company spends a lot of money on advertising, but barely mentions the product or service in their commercials, leaving the audience perplexed and wondering as to what the ads were about. Even...
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Will subscription fee driven Netflix work in India?

Netflix recently got into the Indian market and 129 other countries. Indians had been waiting for this incredible video streaming service, for quite a while now, since it has all the international content, which was not legally available in India, earlier. Moreover, a lot of local content is also available....
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The Rise and Rise of Consumers

The Indian market is driven by consumers. The growing influences of the Social Media; which is an effective medium for brands to engage consumers, has enabled them to steer brands. They want things in their way. If the consumers way changes, they want the brand or company to change with...
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War Room Strategies for Trade-show Victory

Comparable to a war, tradeshow marketing is a very strategic process. You have to determine your strategy, garner your resources and march towards success. Tradeshow participation is proven to build brand awareness and help marketers discover new business opportunities. But to maximize return on investment (ROI) a simple presence is...
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5 Tips for Effective PR

There are vast quantities of PR material produced every day, a good chunk of which makes it into the media. PR releases have become and essential editorial too. They provided updated information and story fillers that are indispensible to an editor. Research by Cardiff University found that 54 percent of...
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