Is Print Advertising Dead?

Internet and social media seem to have taken over the prime spot of importance because they are inexpensive and measurable. Print, as a medium is decreasing in its popularity. But it is certainly not dead yet. But the question is, should marketers completely give up on print? In a word, NO. Print may seem obsolete but we should not eliminate it from our media mix.

Print features several potential benefits that most other mediums lack.

Tangibility – Unlike Internet ads, newspapers and magazines have a longer shelf-life. Which means that the newspaper ads and magazine ads can be noticed and perceived in a better way than momentary Internet ads.

Trustworthy – Internet ads are a potential source of viruses. Clicking on offer-ads and pop-ups may land your computer in a bad shape. Newspaper ads pose no such danger. 

Brand Identity – Print is the best medium to create brand recognition.

And companies who advertise, do so to establish a successful brand image. There are no two ways about it.

Reaching your TG – Making an effective reach through magazines and newspapers is way sensible than trying to target a large group of INTERNET users when you have a niche audience in mind.

The Added Advantage– With the rise of the Internet and the decrease in the popularity of print publication, a way has been carved for newspaper ads to shine. ‘Less clutter means more attention’ is clearly how you will be benefited. So, you should go ahead and make the most of this benefit.

QR Codes – QR codes are a clever way of bringing a balance in the print and Internet advertising. A QR code is a special code that we see on print ads in newspapers and magazines which when scanned using a smart phone takes you to the company’s website.

Omitting print from your advertising plan is not the smartest thing to do. You have to make sure that you make use of most of the channels to get noticed by the target audience you have in mind. Instead of completely removing one particular channel, you could focus on brining a balance in your communication mix and the rest will fall in place. Because making an effective reach is important.

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