CSR Initiatives

Helping Hand Foundation

HHF India is a professionally managed non-profit organisation. Since our inception in 2003, we have been working actively towards creating health awareness by bringing in appropriate lifestyle modifications. We deliver our message by conducting workshops and seminars that aim towards educating and creating awareness about lifestyle led ailments and their solutions. We organize health check-up camps for early detection and prevention of various ailments like diabetes and cardio vascular disorders. We believe that knowledge alone liberates minds from cobwebs created due to lack of awareness.

CSR Initiatives

The biggest healthcare summit dedicated to diabetic care featured

Mega Exhibitions, Interactive Lecture Session, Exercise Demo, Multispecialty Consultants, Patient/ Caretaker Education Gallery, Subsidized Diabetes Checkup Camps, Engaging Leading Hospitals, Patient Education Lectures, Education and Awareness, Nutrition Camps Educational Skits, Food Pyramid and Calorie Management, Distribution of Information Booklet.

Nationwide Successful healthcare exhibition and summits

  • Mumbai, April 2003 (at Nehru Centre)
  • Ahmedabad, June 2003
  • Nagpur, September 2004
  • Bengaluru, June 2004
  • Mumbai, February 2005 (at Bhatia Hall)
  • Mumbai, Jan uary2005 (at G.A. Kulkarni Hall)
  • Mumbai, May 2008 (at Nehru Centre)
  • Mumbai, April 2009 (at Asian Heart Institute)

Event Highlights

  • Over 60,000 visitors and 25,000 medical check-ups carried out
  • Over 30,000 copies of Diabetic Education booklets distributed
  • Over 300 medical and Para-medical professionals involved
Green Industrial Evolution 2010

Continuing the good work, we have now turned our attention towards a broader and pressing issue concerning Environmental Health, Ecology and Indian Industries.

We propose to address issues such as climate change, green house gas emissions, deforestation & degeneration of resources, industrial wastes and carbon emissions.

Our motto is to help industries in the optimum utilization of environmental resources while maintaining efficient standards for ecological sustainability.

Our mission is to help industries establish environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices through professional training and education.

“Green Industrial Evolution India 2010” was a three day interactive conference held on the 13th, 14th and 15th of January at Hotel Orchid, Mumbai. It effectively covered issues related to climate change & sustainable energy, the business of carbon credits and pro-environment initiatives aimed at the Indian textile industry.