What Works Best On Social Media?
  • By forecastadvtg
  • / October 4, 2017
  • / Digital

‘Content is the king’ and there’s no other opinion about it. Content plays a very important role in deciding the fate of your social media post in terms of impressions, views, shares and comments. Content trends have been constantly changing with time and as a smart marketer one needs to keep up with the latest trends. The audience has a zillion choices and they will read/share/interact with only the content that they find original, interesting, and relevant.

Here’s a small list of things that work well on social media:

Listicles: People have stopped reading articles, due to the dearth of time and lack of interest. Pick up any topic, divide it into 10 sub-points and you are good to go. Once it is posted on your website/blog, you can, and ideally must, share its link on all the relevant social media platforms so as to divert traffic to your website/blog.

GIFs: GIFs are the new cool. They are visually appealing and fun to watch. And anything that is fun is remembered well by the audience. Also, anything that is fun is excellent social media sharing fodder. GIFs are easy to make, upload and drive engagement.

Contests/Giveaways: People love anything that is coming for free. Every once in a while, doing easy contests related to your brand/industry, is a good idea. The tricky part here is to offer something valuable, in terms of both, money and usage. This will not only lead to your campaign going viral but also add to the brand name.

Memes: Memes, like GIFs, are fun to see. Most people end up sharing relatable memes on their personal profiles or tag their friends in the comments section. Either way, the brand is in a win-win situation as they get impressions and a legit amount of visibility. In other words, the brand gets talked about more often, for doing something fun.

User-Generated Content: It is not always necessary that the brand and the people working on it, be the thought leaders. In fact, inviting users to share testimonials and other creative content for a brand that they are loyal to or a brand that they most relate to is a great idea. The chances of it being shared are higher because the audience sees it as authentic content coming from the actual users of the brand.

What do you think has worked best for your brand?

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