The Rise and Rise of Consumers
  • By forecastadvtg
  • / July 4, 2018
  • / Business

The Indian market is driven by consumers. The growing influence of Social Media, which is an effective medium for brands to engage with them, has enabled consumers to steer brands. They want things their way. If the consumer’s way changes, they want the brand or company to change with them.

People today experience life in a totally new way through digital media platforms. Social media has become a new real-time analytics tool to explore consumers’ attitudes, preferences and behaviour. It has given more power to consumers as they have the freedom to easily share information, product reviews, and brand experiences with other users of the virtual world. This has formed a trend of online word-of-mouth. Brands are being judged through their digital activities. Website is not the only source a consumer approaches to know more about a brand or a company.

A positive online word-of-mouth over digital channels has become a must. Consumers constantly communicate with brands leaving no choice for them but to listen and reply as soon as possible through proper channels. A highly personalized and relevant brand experience is what they expect in return. Brands need to move on from the thought that they are better creators than consumers. Let’s respect the fact that consumers and brands are on equal levels. Consumers have more power forcing agencies and brands to pay higher attention to technology, apps, customer service and social networks. Even consumers can create content for the brand as digital has empowered them with creativity.

With this ever-growing economy and market, brands still have a huge potential to invest, only if they are ready to shape themselves how the consumer wants them to.

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