Death of Creativity & Originality
  • By forecastadvtg
  • / September 6, 2020
  • / Creative

In the business of advertising, a creative showcase is as important as delivering communication. Well, that’s why a client approaches an ad agency. An ad agency is responsible to churn out a creative campaign for a given client brief. But is there another scenario? Being a part of this business, one can vouch that most of the campaigns are solely a piece of client inputs and these inputs are merely the competitor’s campaign references. This is where the death of originality begins.

Client’s interference is one of the factors where creativity and originality get lost. Serving the client what he wants is a different thing than serving a client the way he wants. Most common client inputs are huge logo sizes, the brand name and other mandatory elements to be highlighted, and at times their inputs even extend to the creative ideas as well as the copy.

Many times, when these inputs are put in a layout, the designs don’t sink with the copy and also fail to deliver the communication message. At the end, it is just a clutter of elements. When a creative idea is traced on a layout, there is a thought put behind the projection. There is a tinge of creativity with a logic to present a communication idea creatively.

But when clients interfere, everything that seemed to be in place starts quivering. This is the problem which many ad agencies in Mumbai are facing these days. Now the creativity and originality of ideas remains just history. The question is, are these inputs helping? Are they increasing the ROI? The question remains unanswered since in this advertising industry there is no right formula to measure the ROI. But yes, if you ask, “Is creativity and originality dying?” then it’s a “Yes”.

But there are many creative agencies in Mumbai where a qualified team of experts let their creative juices out to make successful ad campaigns with negligible client interference. These creative agencies in Mumbai not only give out creative ideas but also innovative ones which not only makes a campaign stand apart from the clutter but also deliver brand recognition. Apart from these creative agencies, there are many ad agencies in Mumbai whose creative ideas get nominated and are also accorded by many advertising fests. Many advertising agencies in Mumbai participate in these fests and win awards for their best creative and innovative inputs and keep inspiring other advertising agencies in Mumbai and also in other parts of the country to keep alive the creativity and originality of an idea.

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