From being just a baby a few years ago, social media has evolved into a fully grown adult today. From being just a medium of social interaction, it has become the most powerful and popular medium of communication, promotion and consumption in today’s world. The world cannot do without social media today, to put it plainly. From presidents and prime ministers to the most powerful business tycoons, everyone uses and consumes social media in some way or another.

Social media has erupted and how. And the people who created these platforms have become so big that they have started to bear influence on nations and their policies today. Concurrently just about anybody and everybody have started to voice their opinions on just about anything. They seem to know everything and feel it is within their rights to let people know what they think. Today, if you want to cook or repair a car, you’ll find videos that are quite helpful in this regard. If you want to voice your opinion or want to be heard, there’s an audience waiting for you.

Today, film stars, fashionistas, doctors, engineers, chefs, mechanics, artists, and just about everyone is on social media waiting to be heard. Some make it, some don’t and their voice is lost among the crowd. But social media has also given rise to quacks of all kinds who know nothing but want to give their opinion to the dismay of the unsuspecting public.

But barring that aside, social media is extremely relevant in today’s world and it has changed the world completely for the better (or worse). If only we learn to ignore the noise and focus on the music, social media will prove to be a boon and not the bane it has become today.

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