Do women make better Client Servicing Executives?
  • By forecastadvtg
  • / March 2, 2018
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One of the most crucial departments of an ad agency is Client Servicing and the client servicing staff is the face of every agency. We know what they do. Interact with clients (almost 100 times a day), understand their needs, study the market, brief the creative department and get the client’s problems solved. They are the ones who bridge the gap between the client and the agency.  Now the question is, who does it better? Men or women?

On one side, we have women. They are quick and good at building new contacts, handling people and bringing a team to work together inside the office. And are equally good at business development and presentations, outside the office. They almost play the referee. While men, in general, seem a little feeble on these fronts. Persuading someone to become a client or reassuring the existing client, of the quality of work delivered is a gruelling task. Clients are (very) demanding and can be exasperating at times, and most people in the industry believe that women have an inbred talent for tackling people well. Men have to cajole while women are said to have their own flair with people. Client servicing executives need to be calm and balanced.

Multitasking is a must-have trait in every CS executive and it is something women are trained to do, perfectly. They can juggle multiple clients simultaneously and seamlessly. It’d not be an exaggeration if someone says that women have Octopus’ arms (moms are a good example). Moreover, men are a little more mechanic than women, in their work. Now dealing with a client just gets way easier if you develop a personal touch with the client’s idea/project/goals and oh men, women just do it the best Or wait, you think men can do it better than the best?

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