Advertising Mistakes that Companies need to Avoid

#1: The ‘Hazy’ Picture

It’s the simplest of mistakes, but it happens more often than you think. The company spends a lot of money on advertising but barely mentions the product or service in their commercials, leaving the audience perplexed and wondering as to what the ads were about. Even the largest advertising agencies are sometimes guilty of this marketing blunder, evolving concept adverts that are more geared toward winning creative awards than generating business for their clients. What good is a clever TV commercial that is seen by millions if only a few can remember what the commercial was promoting?

#2: Investment or Intrigue?

Advertising shouldn’t be considered an expense: it is an investment that pays off by increasing your business over a period of time. And, to fully capitalize on that investment, you must first identify your target market and target audience. This means conducting research to learn where your audience lives, what they read, what shows they watch, what their hobbies are, and so on. Doing so gives you valuable and certainly insightful information on how to reach them, and how to motivate them to purchase your product or service; which again has a direct impact on your sales.

#3: Right Advert. Wrong place.

You’ve got a great product or service and a fantastic advertisement. But, if you run the advert in the wrong place, your potential customer will never see, hear, or read it. Sure, a TV or radio ad might sound like fun, but is that the most efficient way to reach your audience? Ask yourself- “What are my customers watching?” “What are they listening to?” “What are they reading?” If you can find out where your best potential customers are going to be and when you’ve got a terrific place to advertise. Don’t make the mistake of choosing an advertising medium just because it’s the least expensive choice.

#4: Advertising Power- ‘Go Get It.’

Effective advertising not only appeals to its audience but also motivates them. Your advertising must inspire your desired potential customers to take action, whether it means going to your store and increasing footfalls, visiting your website and generating sales, or giving you a call. Create a sense of urgency that drives your audience to act immediately.

#5: The ‘Word’ is not enough

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Most of the target audience won’t even buy or take action after the first time they come across your advertisement. It takes a set of regular advertising campaigns to catch them at a time when they are most receptive to your message. One-shot advertising may trigger a response, but it likely won’t be the “greatest” response. Smart companies often commit a large percentage of their “pricey” revenue towards repeat advertising, knowing these types of campaigns offer the best chance of boosting their sales.

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