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  • / October 3, 2018
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OTT or Over the top content streaming platforms are on a rise and this form of content consumption is slowly replacing the traditional cable services. What is so cutting-edge about this on-demand offering is the fact that you can (binge) watch any and everything as per your liking! Regional shows, fiction, drama, docuseries, news, movies, essentially an a la carta of programs to pick as per your whim.

A new era in OTT advertising

OTT covers six basic types of on-demand devices; smart TV (e.g. Netflix and Hulu); smart DVD and Blu-ray players; gaming consoles; DVR set-top boxes; streaming boxes (e.g. Apple TV); and HDMI boxes or sticks

Undeniable data source

A large percentage of viewership is of millennials. Although, we are seeing a gradual increase in the number of seniors who are considering OTT platforms. This provides a data rich source of insights into the audience, from demographics to interests, which can then be used to target users on other digital platforms.

Why is advertising on OTT becoming more popular?

Technology is one of the most important factors in OTT advertising in India. With the growing dissent around cable network providers, OTT comes as a welcome disruption. The variety of payment and viewing options means users are not bound by contracts and can cancel whenever they like. What is even better, is that you can stream content over many devices, your computer, tablet, TV and mobile phones. For the advertiser, the consumers of this content cannot skip the ads, close a window, or install an ad blocker, making it a win-win for both parties!

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