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Guess what’s the latest buzz? Digital, a new booming media which has substantially secured its position as an integral part of any media plan. What made it the talk of the town? The increasing popularity amongst the media planning agencies positioning it as a cost-effective medium has made Digital Media a separate business vertical. Digital media is opted in media planning agencies for being the most convenient media not only in terms of cost efficiency but on the basis of its flexibility which helps optimize a media campaign. Let’s say a campaign goes live, it’s time to optimize it. But before you start optimizing, make sure you have given enough time for the campaign to pick up. Don’t rush into it. The same applies to post optimization steps.

There are two kinds of optimizations- Creative Optimization and Media Optimization. 

With Creative Optimization, you can choose between sequential showing of banners and rotating the creative evenly. Stick to whatever works best for you. Media Optimization requires changing or shifting the media properties if they fail to pick up after applying all the optimization steps. This would be as per your defined benchmarks.

Most commonly used optimization steps are- changing the frequency of the campaign, changing by adding or replacing the position of the media unit with a new one, fixing the creative for certain duration, shifting money from a poor performing website to a better performing site, changing the ad copies & keywords. Website Optimizations is another way. You can change the landing pages- from high bandwidth to low bandwidth, reducing the number of steps to the desired action, from flash to non-flash. Well, this is not it. Once the campaign is over, you need to evaluate it.

For a brand campaign, you can measure the most common metrics – Click Through Rate, eCPM, Unique Users, Cost Per Unique Users, Banners Expansion rates, Dwell time, etc. Also, you can measure the bounce rate, time spent, and new users. Many advertising agencies in Mumbai have started promoting the digital media extensively only because of its flexibility. With the growing popularity of digital media, not only do advertising agencies in Mumbai include digital in their media plan but also other parts of tier one and tier two cities have started opting for this media. A few ad agencies in Mumbai  solely work as media agencies. Also, a few ad agencies in Mumbai specialize in Digital marketing only.

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