Are you Thinking like Google?

Google certainly is the most popular search engine, enjoying an overwhelming market share; hence for the sake of this article, we’ll work to the premise that what’s good for Google is good for us.

Every marketer’s motto – Customer is the King.  A little clichéd but still holds true. Hence, at any given time, your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) goal would be to ‘Think like your customer’ by,

  1. Driving appropriate and qualified traffic to your website;
  2. Finding out more about how customers perceive your products and services through their search behavior

Here, the crucial point of emphasis lies in identifying with people, rather than technology.

When your customers conduct search, Google endows them with a series of links in relevance to their search terms. Evidently, it then becomes your aim to feature at the top of that list in order to increase the probability of being noticed. What’s even more crucial is to promote this likelihood and to do this you need to understand how Google really works. In essence, you need to start ‘Thinking like Google’.

Think Like Google – Think Content Marketing Optimization

What does ‘Thinking like Google’ actually mean?  

Google likes to please its searchers and its searchers love content. But not just plain content. They are out there searching for rich, meaty content and Google will do its best to deliver it. So what is Google doing to achieve that? It is ranking people by who has the best content. Now you’re in a battle with your competitors to create the best content! But your goal doesn’t end here. Going by the rules of SEO you now not only need to create more content but also optimize it.

Why should you care about Content Marketing Optimisation?

According to a report by Outbrain and Econsultancy, 90% of marketers think that content will become more important in 2013. Content Marketing Optimization (CMO) is intended for becoming a key part of our online marketing strategies. CMO adds that sparkle to your content and dazzling content will make both, your customers and Google, love you. So, you need to start caring for your content now!

Here are three CMO quick tips:

  1. Use longer forms of content – the longer the article, the richer the content. For eg. E-books, White papers, etc.
  2. Focus on rich media content like videos and images. For eg. Infographics, Vine (Twitter Mobile App), etc.
  3. Make your content as interactive and engaging as possible.

We reckon CMO will soon become a step up from standard SEO. In short, ‘Thinking like Google’ – is ‘Thinking Content Marketing Optimisation’.

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