What are the opportunities available for advertisers with increased digital consumption?

We know what you must be thinking. There goes another unpromising attempt to get our attention. In our defence, we didn’t even try!
The advertising industry has been experiencing drastic changes in response to the COVID situation. Marketing minds are now in a dilemma of whether to continue marketing allocation and communications without acknowledgement of the current situation, or whether to sensitise the brand’s messaging to communicate hope, positivity, and resilience.
There is no disputing that our lifestyles will never be the same. Today, we all have been compelled to enter a world where “going-digital” is the only way out. Consumables, medications, shopping, banking, heck even education is now at the click of a button!

What does it mean for advertisers?

While a lot of advertisers are still apprehensive over budgets, now is a great time to invest in brand building. Realigning your messaging to communicate reassurance, empathy, sensitivity, and hope- you are essentially investing in brand recall.
When customers are cash strapped, selling them offers or combos may not achieve the desired results. With planned purchases on hold and discretionary spends at an all time low, your focus should be to build ‘Trust’.
Feeling lethargic and overburdened at home? You could probably head out for a run, following the necessary safety measures and track your progress on this fitness band. Looking out for your kids and family? You can schedule a virtual tour of our homes as per your convenience and find a space where the kids can play, learn, and grow!
So, if you’re writing your next advertisement, be sure to tell a story of a brand that is responsible, capable of driving the right message, supports its customers and communicates emotion.

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