Everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon. Initially, it started with Byju’s and in a little time, sensing the success of Byju’s, other big companies jumped into the fray. And the irony is that these learning platforms are being endorsed by film stars who have not even completed college.

Actually, the boom in online classes is facilitated by technology, which has developed advanced visual tools for subjects like math and science. Obviously, these tools help in learning and the results show. Hence parents are choosing these over traditional tuition classes. For a long time now, over two generations, have been going for tuition to supplement their learnings and prepare for important exams like the SSC, HSC, JEE, CAT, etc. school and colleges have merely become the places to enrol and the real learning happens at the tuitions.

The case today is that tuition has become mandatory if one has to crack these exams with a high score. So long as marks are important, tuition classes will boom. With the declaration of the new education policy by the government, we expect a lesser burden on young minds to score marks and compete and lay more focus on learning and growing.

But although schools have incorporated grading systems, higher studies still rely on a marks system to select students for the colleges. Competition is still the way and marks sadly the only parameter to judge a student’s intelligence. And until the day we find a better way to select students for higher studies, unfortunately, tuition will remain the norm.

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