An Identity called ‘The Logo’

What is a brand? Is it just a name? Well, it’s more than just a name, it is an identity, a unique image that represents your brand and differentiates it from the other competitor brands. But this is not it, having a unique name doesn’t serve the purpose. Even these unique brand names need an identity to be recognized and also to have a high recall value. This identity is called a logo. This is where the logo design comes into the picture. When you look at the logos they may appear to be simple. But a lot of thought goes behind log designing. Each logo has a meaning. Every line drawn, every colour added to the logo is for a reason. The logo is not a design but a pictorial representation of a brand that projects the company image. The logo becomes a part of the corporate identity of a brand. So to design a logo it is important for one to understand the brand, the products, the approach of a brand and other vital information about the brand. Logo can many times also define a target audience to which the brand caters. When you look at the TOYSRUS logo it has a lot of colours and the font is also so peppy. The star used in the logo denotes that the brand caters to kids. Whereas when you look at the IndusInd Bank logo, it has a very corporate look, with warm colours and has a bull placed on a globe like graphic. The bull lucidly relates the brand to the financial sector, since the bull has been associated with the stock exchange. The logo design need not be pictorial only; they can be typographic as well, like Coca Cola logo. While designing a logo one should bear in mind that there should be only important elements that represent the brand image. The simpler the logo is the more is the recall value. These logos can be used on catalogue design and other collaterals. Logo on a catalogue design, letterhead, poster, etc. is a must to create a recall value. You can find any ad agency in Mumbai which conduct research to study the brand to design its corporate collaterals. If you search for one ad agency in Mumbai for logo design, you can find many. Logo designing is one of the booming sectors of the advertising industry.


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