Are you on the Right Track?

Learning the communication dynamics of India is a difficult task. Even the top advertising agencies fail to get it right. In advertising, there is no right formula for developing the communication message. But to create an ad campaign it needs a lot of research. Especially finding out the consumer insight is as essential as studying the product. It has become a trend these days to use a slice of light to cater to the target audiences. The idea behind using the slice of life is to connect well to the customers and hit upon the consumer insights to amplify the impact of the message delivered. Hence, research is important to deliver an effective communication message be it for TV advertisements, print ads, brochure design, etc. Many top advertising agencies hire research agencies to give out a detailed market research report while developing a communication message. Depending on this researched data the communication message is developed which is adapted across all the media vehicles, like TV advertisements, brochure design, radio spots, etc. While churning out the creative ideas these insights direct you and ensure that you are on the right track. When you look at TV advertisements few ads make an impression only because their message reflected the consumer insight. For example, the recent ad where wives keep reminding their husbands of the obsolete objects that they have bought needs to be put back to use and then the husbands decide to sell them off to avoid this situation. The key message behind this ad was to sell your products or rather your obsolete products on for free, i.e. no additional charges to use the portal. When we talk about consumer insights, it’s all about facts and figures derived from the consumer behavior when exposed to the products and brands. These researches include the demographic data and psychographic data. This in depth research enables one to understand the target audience better and also one can decide the tone, the look and feel of an ad campaign. It also helps interpret the response of the target audience when exposed to the ads and thus determine the Return on Investments. Hence, it is a must of every ad agency to imbibe a culture to conduct a proper research while making an ad campaign. After all, knowing the customers is as important as knowing the competitor’s brand.

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