8 Tips to Top

With the increasing competition, soon monopoly will only be a word. Yet, we need to understand that an organization needs to have a monopoly in its service, promise or relationship. There has to be a driving force to keep customers loyal to your brand. This driving force can be achieved through the following eight tips.

  1. First serves the best

It is best to make a first good impression. Present yourself and your organization at its best. Be calm, polite and give a warm greeting. This makes the customer ‘to want’ to be a part of your brand. Imagine yourself being on a date!

  1. Let your customers choose

Inform your customers about the recent happenings with your brand through an e-newsletter. Give them time and allow them to opt-in for it themselves. Don’t harass them with a bunch of emails. This may only lead to bad regard for the organization in the customer’s mind and may develop into a cause for no business in the future.

  1. Keep in touch

If people have opted for your newsletters, keep them well informed about what is happening with the product, brand, organization etc. Tell them what they would like to listen to. Let them know about an upcoming sale, exhibition, give them free coupons. Generate engaging content. This can be based on humour or teasers can be developed to create curiosity. The more it feels like a conversation, the better.

  1. Set the bar higher

Why are Apple fans so devoted? It is because they have invested a huge amount and learnt something new. A high price is an asset, not an obstacle.

  1. Incentives

Reward your customers through coupons and gift vouchers. The bigger the reward is the better is the loyalty. It ensures repeated business. It has to be lucrative yet practical.

  1. Fan talk

Make your fans extra talkative about the brand. Especially if they are friends or family, it is more rewarding than any other paid spokesperson. Reward people who refer your business, this makes sure that they do so time and again.

  1. Fan names

Give your fan a name. They will like it. Like Dove calls its users ‘real women’. It makes the customers feel like they are a part of a community and among the loyalists to that brand.

  1. Make your customers famous

Everyone likes being famous. Give your customers the fame they desire. This grows their attachments towards the brand. Recently brands like Maggi and Fritto Lays gave its loyalists a chance to speak about how they personalise the product and made them famous with their photos printed on the product packages. When users say something interesting about the product, get the message across to the mass. Customers feel that what they say is of value to the brand and someone is listening.

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