Cadbury Bournvita – A Paradigm Shift

Cadbury Bournvita AdCadbury India Limited had unveiled an innovative campaign in February 2011 for its malt based food brand – Bournvita. “Tayyari Jeet ki” (Being prepared for every challenge) was the core theme for this campaign. The company has been positioning Bournvita as a drink which gives physical energy and endurance.

With this positioning in 2011, Bournvita as a brand shifted its focus from the child to the mother as its target audience. It has jettisoned out the USP of taste and using Bournvita to help the child drink milk. The post 2011 ads addressed the mother and her desire to see her child succeed. Infact one of the ad show two mom’s discussing “calcium ke liye kya karte ho” and it does not have a child in the ad!

The latest Bournivita advertistment released in March 2013 continues with the theme of “Tayyari Jeet ki”, however there is a paradigm shift in the tonality of the advertisement. The ad, which is beautifully shot, shows a mother and son racing through the woods with the mom winning this race. This makes the child more determined to win and the mother challenges him by not giving him any leniency. The mother tells the story through the voice over. She says, “Mere bete ko jeet ki aadat tab lagegi jab woh mujhe harayega” The final scene shows the son winning the race against the mother while she looks satisfied. One sees the actual product only in the end which indicates they are selling the idea of the drink as much as the drink itself. The whole concept of progress rather than win is appealing.

The campaign is conceptualized and executed by Ogilvy & Mather. Besides being an aesthetically and cinematographically beautiful film, the campaign has come to a turning point. The mother is no longer holding up a cup of Bournvita but is actively involved in his progress. The proposition strikes a more realistic tone than extolling the super powers of the malt drink.

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