Celebrating Valentine’s Day with #FlipkartGIFdelivery

Valentine’s Day is one occasion brands cannot miss to advertise themselves. It’s the time when huge numbers of brands release unique love campaigns. This year was no different with our social media timelines, TV spaces, newspapers, all filled with love messages from brands. Amongst the crowd, e-commerce giant Flipkart’s #FlipkartGIFdelivery was one campaign we think stood out. They rolled out a series of GIFs to express love, not only to your partner but also to your bffs, office pals, and even pets, in a fun way because they believe ‘there is something for everyone’.

A special website, www.flipkartgifdelivery.com, was created where GIFs for different occasions were already made available. The users had to select one GIF based on their choice, and share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ with #FlipkartGIFdelivery. They also added a button to buy ‘Real Gifts’ which would redirect the user to the original Flipkart site from where they could buy Valentines presents for their special someone. The campaign received an open heart welcome by consumers as they played around with the hashtag. The level of engagement, number of likes, shares, RTs, increased as the time progressed. To add more fun element, Flipkart made special GIFs for brands like MTV, Olacabs, Myntra, Red Bull etc to wish them happy Valentine’s Day and spread some more love.


Flipkart surely delivered some love with this initiative.

Came across any other interesting V-day campaign? Do let us know.